Types of Events

  • Archaeology and Physical Anthropology Lunch Seminars

    The Archaeological Research Center co-sponsors, with the Department of Anthropology, the Archaeology and Physical Anthropology Lunch Seminars (aka the Arch/Phys lunches). These talks are held semi-weekly, and include both thematic lectures of interest to the general campus community, as well as focused workshops primarily directed towards undergraduate professionalization.

  • Frontiers in Archaeology Lectures

    Archaeological research increasingly calls upon scholars to reach across multiple academic fields, drawing methodological and theoretical inspiration from a wide range of disciplinary practices. The Archaeological Research Center sponsors the Frontiers in Archaeology campus lecture series, which brings eminent scholars to campus to explore the best that such interdisciplinary research has to offer.

  • Archaeological Institute of America Public Lectures

    The Archaeological Research Center co-sponsors, with the Department of History, the Santa Cruz chapter of the Archaeological Institute of America. The AIA is the North American organization of professional archaeologists. Local societies such as ours sponsor lectures and events of interest to their members, and provide a local forum for people with an interest in archaeology to meet and talk. The national organization also sponsors a series of three lectures for each local society a on a broad range of topics. Both basic and student membership in the AIA include a subscription to its popular magazine, Archaeology. For slightly more, you can choose to receive the AIA's professional journal, the American Journal of Archaeology. If you would like to support our local society by joining the AIA, further information on membership can be found here. If joining online, please be sure to specify that you want to be an affiliate of the UCSC Society! And let Charles Hedrick know that you have joined, so he can make sure that you're listed with our members and that you receive all our emails. But whether you join the AIA or not, you are always welcome to attend lectures of the society.