Director: David Ingleman 


coins from archaeological site       flagstaff community center

In preparation for construction of the Flagstaff Community Centre, archaeological fieldwork is scheduled to take place from mid-August until early September 2015. The Flagstaff Community Police Youth Club (FCPYC) and the Cockpit Country Local Forest Management Committee (CCLFMC) initiated the Flagstaff Community Centre Archaeology Project (FCCAP) in order to locate and describe archaeological deposits that may potentially be impacted by the construction of the proposed Flagstaff Community Centre. The FCCAP is a community-based and participatory research project.

Archival records suggest that married soldiers and their families at Maroon Town Barracks lived in a row of wattle and daub "huts," located in the approximate location of the Community Centre. Because no contemporary married soldier sites have been previously excavated in the Caribbean, and the historical record offers few clues about whom the soldiers married, or what daily life was like for married soldiers and their families, this site is considered to have great research potential.        


historical coins historical pipes