UC-HBCU Summer 2018-2022 Internship in African Diaspora Archaeology

UC-HBCU Inaugural 2018 Field Season, The Estate Little Princess, St. Croix, USVI

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UC-HBCU Internship in African Diaspora Archaeology 

In recent decades there has been a surge in archaeological research related to the African diaspora. What initially began as plantation archaeology and household archaeology to answer questions of African retention and identity, has now developed into an expansive sub-field that draws from collaborations with biological and cultural anthropologists. Similarly, methodological and theoretical considerations within the field of archaeology and inversely added new insights in the field of Africana Studies.

The UC-HBCU Internship in African Diaspora Archaeology is a five-week summer training internship program designed for undergraduate students to gain field experience in archaeological methods. Students will participate in excavations at on of two on-going archaeological sites of key importance to the African Diaspora: 1) Sans-Souci, the royal palace of Henry Christophe located in Milot, Haiti, or 2) the Estate Little Princess, a former Danish plantation in St. Croix, USVI. Students will spend one week in residence at UC Santa Cruz, California and another four weeks excavating at their respective sites. At UCSC, students will receive one week of intensive training in artifact analysis and digital archaeological methods from multiple specialist on campus. The internship is intended to teach students basic excavation, survey and analysis methods while also exposing them to potential graduate level research in archaeology and related disciplines.

Students Will Also Receive:
  • $3000 summer stipend
  • Fully funded travel, room, and board
  • Competitive financial incentives to attend graduate school in the University of California system

  • Must be enrolled at an accredited HBCU
  • Graduate no sooner than Fall 2020
  • No prior archaeological experience is necessary
About the Archaeology Sites

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Milot, Haiti: Two HBCU students will be selected to participate on excavations in Haiti. These excavations focus on terrestrial archaeology in Milot, Haiti, 11 kilometers from Cap-Haitien. The research project examines the royal palace of Henry Christophe, revolutionary and 1st King of the Kingdom of Haiti. This excavation is a collaborative project between UCSC, the Bureau d'Ethnologie and the Musée du Panthéon National Haïtien in Haiti. Each student will be assigned a series of excavation units at the site and will facilitate excavation, data recording, and reporting of their respective units. Throughout the four weeks of fieldwork, participants will also receive occasional lectures on Haitian culture and history, as well as the current state of cultural heritage studies provided by our institutional collaborators.

St. Croix, US Virgin Islands: Two HBCU students will be selected in excavations at the Estate Little Princess site. They will explore the development of Afro-Crucian foodways, architecture, and health practices from the period of enslavement into emancipation (1700's-1900's). The students will learn and apply the fundamentals of archaeological survey, excavation, and cataloging as the prepare and dig their own excavation units. Excavation and archival work will be supplemented with lectures from local heritage professionals on Crucian history and culture and a tour of heritage sites on the island. Furthermore, student will have the unique opportunity to participate in a "Discover SCUBA" class where they will receive an introduction to SCUBA diving.

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